Dynion Mwyn

The Structure of Dynion Mwyn

The hierarchy of Dynion Mwyn consists of those who are new (seekers/neophytes), those who have begun training (students), and those who have been initiated to the various levels of attainment (Initiates). There are three Symbolic Circles which contain nine Levels or stages of membership (three levels in each Circle). Each Level has its own initiation which is performed with others in a Circle or Grove.Study within the Tradition

As a mystery tradition, Dynion Mwyn has a training program. This distinguishes the Welsh tradition from other traditions which only center around worship, and whose leadership is usually democratic. The training of students of Dynion Mwyn is a very complex and difficult process. As such, it tends to take a year and a day just to reach level one. There are nine levels of attainment. Training begins with an introductory class or correspondence course. In addition, the student reads a variety of books on a multitude of subjects. Such topics include Druidism, magick, ritual, nature spirits, herbalism, psychic development, mythology, psychology, and religious philosophy. Some of the books on the reading list are required reading as a prerequisite to other training, and some are read to give the student a rounded education. The student will ultimately attend classes with other students, with the majority of religious and magickal training taking place in these classes. Here the student will study the Bardic Gwyddon system, as well as a variety of other topics such as shamanism, psychology, and mysticism.