Dynion Mwyn

Gwyddon Ecstasy

Ecstasy, (from the Greek ‘ekstasis’), literally means to be placed outside. This is a state of exaltation in which a person stands outside of his or herself. Ecstasy may range from the seizure of the body by a spirit or the seizure of a person by the divine, to the magical transformation or flight of consciousness. There are three types of Ecstasy: Gwyddon Ecstasy; Prophetic Ecstasy; and Mystical Gwyddonic ecstasy. The latter is the rising of the soul of the Gwyddon into the heavens or its sinking into the underworld. These states of ecstatic exaltation usually occur after strenuous training and initiation, and often under dangerous and distressing circumstances. The resulting contact by the Gwyddon with the higher or lower regions and their inhabitants and nature spirits, enables him or her to accomplish such tasks as accompanying the soul of a deceased into its proper place in the next world, affecting the well-being of the sick and conveying the story of their inner travels upon their return to mundane awareness. The statements of the Gwyddon are in contrast with those who claim prophetic and mystical ecstasy. A fundamental requirement of a High Priest or Priestess of the Gwyddon is to journey to the OtherWorld and experience a trance ecstatic state.