Welcome to Dynion Mwyn,

“Welcome. We greet you in the name of the tradition of Dynion Mwyn (The Peaceful People)- Witchcraft of Wales. Having inherited the mantle of leadership from the late Taliesin einion Vawr, and Brian (Robert) Martin, well known Witches of North Wales and Australia, we are making our tradition available to those seekers who feel drawn to the old ways and the elder path.”

Dynion Mwyn is the Welsh form of witchcraft that originally came to the United States in 1967.  It is the ancient religion of the Welsh People. The Religious Tradition of Dynion Mwyn traces it’s roots back to the first inhabitants of The British Isles. It was  revitalized in the 50s and 60s by Taliesin einion Vawr, a Dynion Mwyn High Priest, in North Wales, It is the basis of several Welsh Wiccae and Witchcraft traditions including Y Tylwythteg, a legally incorporated church of Georgia state in 1977 led by Lord Rhuddlwm. Included in The Dynion Mwyn Association are Celtic Reconstructionalist, Celtic Shamans, Celtic Witan Groups, Druids, Faery Traditions, Picta-Wita, and many others.

Based on the ancient Welsh religion connected to the gods of Donn, the teachings evilved into an oral Faerie Tradition. Our legends say the Children of Donn chose to stay in Wales after the invasion of the Celts, and took refuge under the hills. The Faerie Folk of Wales or Y Tylwyth Teg are man-sized Faeries, and the spirits of Welsh and Pictish heroes. The purportedly live underground, in Dolmens or underwater in caves. From these, we derive the Heroic Faerie and the Medieval Faerie. Wales has two races a visible race called the Cymry (the people) and the invisible Faerie People or the Tylwyth Teg. Our tradition of Dynion Mwyn, (The Gentle People) is dedicated to these Welsh Faerie people of the OtherWorld.

Dynion Mwyn is a recognized and legitimate church under codes of the IRS, Administrative Court, and other sections of the U.S. federal government. The Dynion Mwyn faith has three important tenants:

(1). Dynion Mwyn shall create safe places of worship for followers of the Welsh Gods and Goddesses and other Earth-Based Faiths, who want to worship and observe their sacred Sabbats.
(2). To assist people in developing their latent intellectual, psychical, mental, spiritual, and emotional abilities, including chartering other earth-based religions and allowed under our corporate by-laws.
(3). Creating a harmonious relationship with nature, learning to cherish and protect it every way possible inside and out.

Members of Dynion Mwyn share a belief that all life shares a sacred connected, it is the core of our religious beliefs. Applying that belief to everyday life is known as the Witches Way, its a philosophy that has been around for centuries, evolving into the versions we know today. A central piece of that philosophy today is observing eight seasonal festivals we call the Wheel of the Year that help develop a strong connection between followers gods, nature, and their own spirits.