Dynion Mwyn

Our Worship

Dynion Mwyn worship is centered around four great festivals which record in chronological order the birth, growth, and decline of the fruits of the earth. These festivals and four lesser festivals correspond to the cycles of Nature (animal mating, seasons, planting and harvest) and the cycles of the Sun (Solstices and Equinoxes). These are:
Nos Galon-Mai (Beltaine or May Eve)Gwyl Canol Haf (Midsummer Day)Nos Gwyl Awst (Lammas)Nos Galon Gaeof (Samhain or Halloween) The four lesser Sabbats are
Gwyl Canol Gaeaf (Winter Solstice or Yule)Nos Gwyl Fair (Candlemas)Gwyl Canol Gwenwynol (Spring Equinox)Gwyl Canol Hydref (Fall Equinox) These comprise a total of eight major festivals. There are also 13 Full Moon Lunar Rituals and several miscellaneous festivals which Dynion Mwyn recognizes. If one follows the path of the Gwyddon and offers the sacrifices of love and spiritual dedication to the Divine Earth Goddess and the Celestial God during these Sabbats and festivals, we believe that he or she will make evident an inner awareness of their true spiritual nature.

Like our earlier Pictish and other Celtic forbearers, Welsh Witches have an affinity for patterns in Ritual, Song, Words, and Art, and are an intensely proud and passionate people. The rich Sabbat festivals, customs, artwork and music are indicative of a continuing Celtic heritage, which is best represented by the Triscele, a Celtic version of the Yin Yang symbol. A Triscele is three spiral lines appearing to move in the same direction from a central point, enclosed by a circle. This symbol of three is an important element in the Welsh religious philosophy. Three is the number of the stages of life. The goddess shows three faces: Maid, Mother and Crone